My latest single "Blow" aired on BBC Radio Wales over the festive holidays.

Big thanks for the early support on this track. Set for release later this year.

2020 Best of Big Mamas House Records

So please to have my track "Gel" featured alongside so many great artists on this best of 2020 end of year compilation from Big Mamas House Records. Taken from my EP "Melt" released earlier last year.

AnR Factory Review "To Dust" on Sequences EP.

Electronic artist and producer Tom Algorithm released their 5-track Minimalist Techno EP “Sequences”, the perfect introduction to their captivatingly immersive style is “To Dust”.

The progressive soundscape offers a complexity which is rarely found in Instrumental Electronica. The vibe of the track isn’t immediately obvious, to make To Dust even more intriguing, the nuanced evolutions in tone leave you even more eager to hear what Tom Algorithm will throw your way next.

Despite their moniker, there’s a serious amount of well-rounded human emotion on offer in the deft progressions which are robust despite the delicacy of the neo-classically-inspired notes around the swelling basslines.

You can check out To Dust along with the rest of the Sequences EP for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Debut Live Guest Mix on Polyrhythm

Very pleased with finally being able to perform a live mix this year. Over the years I've spent a great amount of time playing out as a DJ. Having the chance to play live has been a big step forward after a year or two building up to it. 

I was given a push to actually get something recorded when I was asked if I could provide a short guest mix for Polyrhythm on Fnoob Techno Radio hosts by Antiself. I've really enjoyed listening to the music he's been putting out on the station and not to mention his own productions. It's a pleasure to have been invited to get involved.

Check out the polyrhythm page here:



You can listen to the show live via Fnoob Techno Radio on 13th October 2020.

To Dust - Sequences EP

Adam Walton plays "To Dust" from soon to be released Sequences EP on BBC Radio Wales.

Whats going on 2020?

If you told me early last year we'd be facing a global pandemic and a great proportion of the arts and entertainment would be facing such hardship I wouldn't have believed you.I mean, even before this happened It was a big shame to see quite a few live and club venues get shut down across my home town but to have this thrown in the mix is just taking the biscuit. Like a lot of people I'm just trying to make the best of it. Keeping busy.My thoughts go out to everyone who is feeling the burn during these testing times. Stay safe. Look after each other.

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