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All that we see, hear and feel - our thoughts, emotions and experiences - are ultimately energetic vibrations.  Ordinary and extraordinary at precisely the same time, this complex web of reality is beyond the scale of human comprehension - and yet some of us are compelled to dive deep into the twists of its fabric - plucking at its strings to see what it's all about.  The exploration of music - the mastery of the sound waves that knit our audible experience together - is one of life's great journey's into this magical unknown.

Vibrations are music to our ears - and to feel a sense of connection through sound and soul is nothing short of spectacular.  These breathtaking moments - when we come together, when we forget ourselves - united by the rhythm of an irresistible drumbeat; that is what Tom lives for.  Vibration is all - the beginning and the end - so what could make more sense than to dedicate a life to the mystery of music?

Tom's preoccupation with sound - and the nature of reality itself -  has gripped him since his teenage years and continues to be a source of ceaseless fascination for him.  Growing up he found it difficult to fit in and to connect with others - and so, suffering from social anxiety and irrepressibly driven to contemplate the reason for his existence - he turned to music as a vehicle for self-expression. 

Having grown up with a piano in his family home, Tom began his musical journey early in life.  Keen to explore this undulating territory with every tool available to him, he then moved on to conquer a range of acoustic and electrical instruments. It wasn't until he experienced his first taste of music production software that he found his true voice, however - and the love affair that began in that moment continues to define him to this day.

Over the years Tom has worked tirelessly to master the art of music production, whilst honing his craft as a DJ - beginning with vinyl and then experimenting with a variety of performance formats - leading him to develop a unique live setup for the future.  In the course of his journey, Tom (AKA Tom Ware) has experienced many unforgettable moments - supporting the likes of Kris Wadsworth, Viers, Aubrey Fry, JoeFarr, Fritz Wentink and Dense and Pika, among many other incredibly talented individuals - both in his hometown in Wales and further afield.  He has signed to numerous record labels across the UK and Europe. Newly label boss at Redbox Transmission Records and co runner of Field Conspiracy Records Berlin. Having played searing across the UK and internationally. His creative efforts have been recognised from the very beginning - with his debut release on Big Mamas House voted best of 2014. 2020 saw another best of series featuring his track "Gel" on Big Mamas House Records. His latest EP "Time" will be coming out later this year on Calligraphy Records. 

Yet in spite of these achievements, Tom knows that he hasn't begun to reach his full potential. Music flows through the heart and soul of this talented Welsh producer - it is his contribution to the vitality of the universe - and one that he will continue to shape and advance to his dying day.  His means of communication isn't rooted to a particular geographical location or the tongue of a specific culture - it transcends the background, orientation - and even the species of the listener.  

You know what they say, music is the universal language.

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