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  • 1-1 Online sessions on Music Production/Composition (Ableton) 

  • Remixes 

  • Reasonable rates and discounts for block bookings of 5 or more sessions, inquire via the contact form for more info. (Sessions last 1hr) 

I'd like to offer you my guidance and knowledge of the past 23 years I've been practising music production so that you can grow as an electronic artist and achieve your goal in building professional tracks that stand up to the rest. 

I've been teaching people like yourself for the past 5 years. I've had the encouragement of my students past and present to persue this path of passing my knowledge onto others. It has been rewarding to see that I have the ability to help other producers and would be producers to get to grips with the basics or really work on getting that extra 10 percent out of their tracks. 

 I feel it's safe to say now that I have the knowledge and experience to pass on to you. I can help you with your goals as an aspiring music producer. If you are a complete beginner or have been producing for many years I can help. 

Whilst playing regularly as a DJ I've learnt what works and what doesnt in a club environment. I've played at many events across the UK. Here in my hometown and further afield in clubs across Bristol, Birmingham, London and Berlin supporting the likes of Fritz Wentink, Viers, JoeFarr, Kris Wadsworth and Dense and Pika too name a few. I've gained radio airplay on many stations and podcasts including BBC Radio. 

I'm an avid learner and always striving for a cleaner and fuller sound. The journey is never ending, one of the many reasons I love this profession. I'm pleased that I can now offer to pass on what I've learnt over the years and help you to achieve the mixes that you desire and aim for. I will teach you the tried and tested techniques and practices of music production that have laid down the foundations for today and my personal way of doing things. Some would say secrets of music production but I call it applied knowledge. 

You could have access to the secrets I've learnt from 23 years of producing music and the juicy chunks of information I've collected by the many conversations with established artists I've had the pleasure to meet. 

It's so rewarding to see people progress and enjoy themselves. If you'd like to talk about what you can learn or what you want to achieve through having lessons, let's talk it through. No obligation, I'm here to answer any questions you have and your welcome to your first lesson on the house if you choose to go ahead. 

Chris C

"Can't sing the praises of Tom enough! Tom has the clearest explanations of production topics, that others (online and in person) struggle to communicate. Before speaking with Tom, I'd learnt facts about production and thought that's interesting and then parked it in the back of my mind, not making any use of it. Tom has the ability to explain theory in a way that is exciting because he always relates it to what you're doing. Because of this you're able to use the theory rather than just seeing it as unessential interesting facts. Given his supportive nature I would 100% advice Tom. Listen to the mix of one of his own tracks and you'll immediately be able to see that this guy knows what he's doing! He definitely knows his onions!"

Joe M "Tom is a super talented teacher, learnt so much from him so far. Definitely recommend him for any genre"

Merlin B "I first met Tom ten years ago. We met through the love of music We shared the same interests of the love of music and since then he’s my number one person for any advice. He's very honest and doesn't hold back on giving the most correct feedback needed. He's a very talented musician and any person wanting help or advice I fully recommend to go with Tom. You won't regret learning from him and who knows maybe lucky to build a friendship like I did. And still from this day forward treasure." 

Services: Welcome
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